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  • 7 slices Thomas’® Cinnamon Swirl Bread
  • 1 cup butter cream frosting
  • Assorted candy


  1. Fill piping bag with icing.
  2. Create the floor of the house. Measure by placing a slice of Swirl Bread on the front, back, and side and cut accordingly using a knife.
  3. Create the front and back of the house by cutting a triangle shape at the top of two pieces of Swirl Bread. Cut from the middle of the top to the middle of the left, then the middle of the top to the middle of the right.
  4. For the two side walls, cut the top half off of two Swirl Bread pieces.
  5. Using piping bag, pipe frosting onto sides of bread and press walls against the floor piece.
  6. Once all 4 walls are up, pipe icing onto the tops of walls and arrange the two uncut pieces of Swirl Bread on the top for the roof.
  7. Add more frosting to decorate the roof, windows, and door. Attach candies for the perfect Holiday Swirl Bread house!

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