Thomas'® Egg Muffin Sandwiches

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1 Servings 15 Prep Time 10 Cook Time

Start your day with a Thomas' Original English Muffin. Sautéed bacon, sausages, eggs and cheese — now that's a good morning!



1 Thomas'® Original English Muffin (split in two)
2 slices bacon/sausage
1 egg
Butter or cooking spray
Diced bell peppers
1 slice cheese
Salt and pepper - add to taste


Butter both halves of the muffin, and toast until lightly brown. Sauté the bacon/sausage, then place on half of the English muffin. Mix egg, bell peppers and milk. Pour into a non-stick pan and cook as desired. When egg is done, place on top of the bacon/sausage and top with cheese. Place muffin top to finish.

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